Monthly Archives: November 2015

Smoking Rates Hit an All-Time U.S. Low

cigarette smoking rates all time low in USAWhile other types of substance abuse continue to climb, U.S. smoking rates have dropped almost 20 percent since 2005 (with only 16.8 percent of adults lighting up during 2014). According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention […]

How Do You Define Recovery?

how define addiction recovery typesWhether you are in rehab now, or just considering it, you have realized that when you are using drugs and alcohol, you are not in control of your life; your addiction is. With this realization, you have opened the door to […]

Feel-Good Foods Aid in Recovery

nutrition in addiction recoveryAs you’ve no doubt discovered, drug or alcohol recovery is a tough time for your mind and body alike. If you’re in recovery for substance addiction, you need to address nutritional needs to boost your physical health while you’re on your journey. […]

Addiction Has No Age Limits

older adult drug rehab CaliforniaWhile it’s common to think of drug and alcohol addiction as a problem for high school students, college students, and stressed out up-and-coming professionals, recent research indicates that “successful agers” – those over 50 who are physically healthy, financially comfortable, and […]

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