Monthly Archives: February 2016

Maintaining Gratitude in Addiction Recovery

maintaining gratitude in addiction recoveryMost of us have played the children’s game, “I Spy,” either as children or to entertain little ones. The game has helped many families pass hours during long road trips, and the adult version of this game might be played by […]

After All These Years: Baby Boomers & Addiction

addiction and baby boomersLook out: The Baby Boom Generation has reached retirement age, and once again it is causing demographic upheaval. In the field of addiction treatment, boomers are accounting for a rising number of clients, and, as in years past, they are presenting […]

Aftercare Support for Long-Term Recovery Success

addiction aftercare long term recoveryWhen rehab is over and you are heading home to your regular activities, you may find yourself having a few anxious moments. Yes, you have your recovery journal for reference; you know your relapse triggers, and you even have a sponsor […]

Sobriety Success Begins With Client Treatment Matching

addiction treatment matchingBreaking free from addiction is never a simple process, and there is no one-size-fits-all addiction recovery solution. Your personality, substance abuse history, mental health, and social preferences are uniquely yours, and your drug or alcohol rehabilitation should be, too. That’s why the Coast […]

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