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Do Safe Heroin Injection Facilities Reduce or Perpetuate Harm?

safe heroin injection facilities Alarm over the growing epidemic of opioid overdose deaths in the U.S. has prompted some urban officials to advocate for safe facilities where addicts can inject drugs without harassment. Such sites already exist in Europe and Canada, and officials […]

Rehab Works—With a Little Help From You

make recovery work for youHow did you find yourself in rehab? Did a friend help you realize your drug or alcohol problem? Did your family use an intervention? Or did you simply become fed up with a life of chemical dependency?

How you got […]

Resuming the Role of Parent After Rehab

resuming role parent after rehabParents struggling with substance abuse often find themselves ostracized from the family. Instead of being the dependable provider, protector, or nurturer, these men and women have shown their vulnerabilities. There is much to recover from—both personally and relationally. As they […]

Using Mindfulness Meditation to Promote Addiction Recovery

mindfulness meditation addiction recoveryAlthough it’s true that genetic factors can make a person more susceptible to addiction, people often turn to drugs and alcohol to cope with mental health issues like depression, anxiety, or past trauma. For people suffering from addictive or co-occurring disorders, mental […]

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