3 Common Myths about Interventions

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Are you thinking about having an intervention with a friend or family member? If so, you are not alone.   In recent years more people are turning to alcohol interventions and drug intervention, as treatment is becoming more critical, life-saving.  Many look to this holistic treatment to help loved ones who may abuse alcohol or are addicted to drugs.

Dr. Vernon Johnson first pioneered this technique several decades ago as a way to confront individuals with substance abuse issues in a non-threatening way. In general, interventions are designed to surround addicted individuals with a close, connected community to help jumpstart the recovery experience.

While interventions have become more commonplace in recent years, many misconceptions still persist about this powerful tool for recovery.

Want to learn more about the truth behind interventions? Below includes more information about the three most common intervention myths. This powerful tool is designed to combat substance abuse issues and can help your loved ones start their sobriety journey.

1. A successful intervention must be dramatic and confrontational.
In general, interventions are all about offering help and hope. At a basic level, an intervention represents a way to help someone understand how their behavior affects themselves, their family and their friends.

According to the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, an intervention is a deliberate process by which change is introduced into peoples’ thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

2. Interventions are only for those who have hit rock bottom.
If you care about someone with substance abuse issues, why should you wait until they are hurt the most in order to offer help?

3. Interventions are one-size-fits-all.

Every individual is unique – and as a result, each person brings those influences with them on their journey to recovery. That’s why each intervention is different. To address the challenges specific to your situation, it’s best to work with a qualified addiction specialist during the planning process. He or she can tailor the intervention experience based on your loved one’s particular circumstances.

In recent years, there have been numerable advances in therapies designed to treat individuals with substance and alcohol abuse. From breakthroughs in prescription medications to genetic research, the addiction recovery experience continues to gain strides. Though, it should be noted that interventions can solidly anchor those experiences.

During Coast to Coast’s structured interventions, family members and skilled clinicians confront the drug addict in a safe, neutral environment. Speaking the truth with compassion, we bring clarity to the situation. It is our ultimate goal to bring awakening to addicts and compel them to begin immediate treatment. Coast to Coast specializes in family therapy and recovery options for spouses, relatives, and loved ones influenced by the trauma of addiction. To learn more, call today: 800-210-8229.

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