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Choosing a 90 Day Rehab
3 Month Rehab Programs

Addiction is a long-standing condition that cannot be overcome simply by discontinuing the use of drugs or alcohol. Addiction can be aided through professional care and treatment. 90 day drug rehab programs offer plenty of time to reflect on your addiction and overcome it. 90 day rehab programs or 3 month rehab programs, are often for those who need extended treatment for their addiction. Long-term rehab is for those who have had multiple relapses and other difficulties after their previous inpatient treatment program. Addicts may be reluctant to make a long-term commitment. Do not hesitate and make the call for you or your loved one before the time runs out.

 90 Day Rehab Programs provide you enough time away from your addiction so you can live a fulfilling, drug-free life. 

When considering a 3-month rehab program, it is important to consider your what is most important in life.  In order to make a change, you may need to be removed from your living environment, to begin the drug or alcohol detox process and give you sufficient time to clear your head from your addiction. In 90 days, you can cleanse your body and begin to get used to being sober again. This allows you to think with a clear mind so you’re more likely to make smart decisions after the rehab period time has ended. Those who need additional help staying sober often extend their stay after a 90-day rehab program.

Locating a 90-Day Rehab Facility

Coming to terms with your addiction is difficult to grasp, but once you’ve come to terms with the fact that you or a family member needs professional addiction treatment, it’s time to choose a program that’s affordable and suited to your needs. Coast to Coast’s 90-day rehab facilities are in California, Florida, and around the U.S. 90 day rehab programs are among the most popular in the nation, and are often ideal for

  • First-time rehab clients
  • Business owners & those with work-related time constraint
  • “Light” drug & alcohol users
  • Those hesitant to commit to a longer program
  • Parents lacking the ability to be away from children for longer periods

It is early during that 90-day rehab that co-occurring disorders are diagnosed, therapies are started and individualized treatment planning takes shape. If more than 90 days of treatment will be needed, that can be determined as patients proceed through treatment.

90-day Addiction Recovery Program

90 day rehab

90-day rehab is common for treatment from addiction. For a lot of patients, this provides enough time to get through physical withdrawal and start the following processes in their recovery:

  • Relapse prevention
  • Planning for aftercare
  • Identification and treatment of underlying issues
  • Family Therapy

A 90-day rehab in a lot of instances is all that is necessary to get the alcoholic or addict the treatment required to recovery from addiction. Having said that, no one treatment option is a be all program for every addict or alcoholic. Call today one of Coast to Coast recovery’s highly skilled addiction specialists and we will find the right option for you and/or your loved one. Don’t hesitate. We offer a multitude of 3 month rehab programs to choose from. All you need to do now is call.

During ninety days of inpatient treatment, Coast to Coast clients cleanse their body of offending toxins, clear their head to make good decisions, feel what it’s like to be sober again, experience the benefits of group therapy, individual therapy, holistic therapies, and other program features. Coast to Coast’s 90-day rehabs are intensive, personalized, and highly effective for both men and women.

The longer an individual is in rehab the higher chance they have of becoming sober for life. A 90-day addiction recovery program such as Coast to Coast’s can give you enough time away from your substance abuse and allow you to focus solely on the road to recovery.

The Impact of Being Addicted

Being dependent on a drug or alcohol is something to be worried about. Addiction can cause a person to lose their job, disunite family, face extreme financial hardships, and mental/physical health problems. Sadly, thousands each year lose their lives to overdose of drugs or substance abuse before they ever make their decision to seek for treatment. Addiction is a condition that should not be taken lightly and you should seek help as soon as possible. Being sober, and living a drug-free life is obtainable only if you are willing to make the call.  Seek help for your loved one or yourself before it is too late.

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Benefits of 90 Day Rehab Program

Our network of 90-day facilities offer a broad range of proven benefits, including:

  • Minimal time away from family & work
  • Customized programs for all ages & addiction types
  • Exceptional treatment completion & success rates
  • Affordability compared to longer programs
  • Interaction with others pursuing sobriety
  • Structured schedules designed to optimize recovery
  • Carefully structured traditional & non-traditional treatment plans
  • Luxury surroundings & amenities
  • Relapse prevention therapy & aftercare planning
  • Sobriety living & post-treatment planning

90 day rehab provides you or your loved one time apart from addiction and can lead to a drug-free happy life. For clients requiring additional treatment after a 90-day program is complete, Coast to Coast readily offers options for intensive outpatient therapy, sober living communities, sober companions, 12-step groups & community groups, and ongoing private counseling. In some cases, clients may benefit from a residential program extension before they return home. Statistics show that clients who spend more than 90 days in residential rehab experience more successful sobriety and decreased rates of relapse.

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Today is the best day to call Coast to Coast Recovery Centers about addiction treatment for yourself or a loved one. Don’t lose your resolve; don’t assume you can change things on your own. Our recovery specialists support you through each step of admission and facility selection, and recovery is the best chance you have at living a life of purpose and loving yourself again. The time is now: dial (800) 210-8229 to get help with your addiction crisis—before it’s too late.

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