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Aetna Insurance for Drug Rehab

Aetna Insurance for Drug Rehab may have special programs for your particular addiction.  At Coast to Coast, we act as your personal advocate throughout the intake process. Our team helps you navigate your Aetna health insurance plan to determine coverage and benefits eligibility. When you decide to seek help, time is of the essence—so we provide a two-hour verification turnaround to expedite the admissions process. Click here to verify now.

 Aetna Insurance for Drug Rehab – FAQs

  • Will Aetna pay for my drug or alcohol addiction treatment?  Aetna generally provides some form of addiction treatment coverage, but coverage varies by state and policy. To find out more about the coverage and eligibility offered under your Aetna plan, call 1-(800) 210-8229 to begin the brief verification process.
  • Does it cost anything to begin the admissions & verification process?  No! Your admissions consultation and insurance verification are provided free of charge. We review your Aetna coverage, determine your treatment options, and recommend programs based upon your benefits.
  • Will I have out-of-pocket treatment costs?  It is our goal to work with your Aetna insurance provider to defray or eliminate out-of-pocket rehab costs. If you are financially responsible for a portion of your treatment, we will assist with payment planning or other admissions requirements.
  • What types of recovery services does Aetna cover?  Depending on your policy specifics, your benefits may cover medical detox, private therapy, 12-step programs, or residential rehab. We will determine these details during the verification process.
  • I can’t afford addiction treatment, what should I do?  Your Aetna policy should cover a portion of your alcohol or drug rehab, but you should never delay life-changing recovery. Our admissions specialists will help you explore funding options, optimize insurance benefits, or finance your treatment program so you can get the help you need—now.  New programs are available which may provide for maximum coverage.   Many think they are not covered under Aetna, delaying recovery.  We will expedite the process and get you in the treatment program you need.

Verify Aetna Insurance for Drug Rehab Programs

With Aetna Insurance for Drug Rehab ,we try to make the verification process as painless as possible.  We work with most providers, like Aetna Insurance for placement in one of many luxurious drug rehab centers throughout the U.S. We determine your particular needs and do our best to work up a program that works best with your unique needs.  We help to determine which Aetna approved addiction treatment center is most suitable for you and your individual addiction and circumstance.  Our intake specialists are professionals, and your information is kept strictly confidential.

Coast to Coast Recovery Centers will facilitate your Aetna insurance benefits process to maximize benefits that you need.  You provide us your information and we will verify Aetna insurance to determine which treatment center is most optimal.  Contact Coast to Coast to see if you qualify for one of our luxury rehab facilities, located along the coast of California to the Coast of Florida.  We also provide choices near your place of residence, regardless of which state you live in.  After we receive your insurance information, we provide a two-hour verification process that determines your coverage which helps expedite rehab admission. To inquire about Aetna insurance benefits for addiction or speak with our team about Aetna rehab coverage, call now: 1-(800) 210-8229.

Inquire about Aetna Treatment Options

If you have Aetna Insurance, you may qualify for short term and long term drug rehab coverage.  If you or a loved one needs help for your Drug or Alcohol Addiction, contact Coast to Coast Recovery Centers.  We will place you in one of our 30 day alcohol and drug addiction treatment for yourself or a loved one. You may also request information pertaining to our 60 day rehab, 90 day rehab and long term rehabilitation.  Don’t lose your resolve; don’t assume you can change things on your own. Our recovery specialists support you through each step of admission and facility selection, and recovery is the best chance you have at living a life of purpose and loving yourself again. The time is now: dial (800) 210-8229 to get help with your addiction crisis—before it’s too late.

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