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Top Rated Arizona Drug Rehab Centers

Overview of Arizona Drug Rehab Centers

Arizona Drug Rehab Centers are in demand. A growing percentage of Drug and Alcohol addiction in Arizona has put pressure on our government to help subsidize medical treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. Arizona Drug Rehab centers offer progressive, customized programs focused on whole-person healing: body, mind, and spirit. We even offer Arizona holistic drug rehabs.  We work with centers, which provide the comfort and safety you demand.

Arizona Drug Rehab

There are resources available to help those with a drug or substance abuse addiction. Drug rehab centers provide treatment programs to assist individuals facing addiction in overcoming that addiction and improve the quality of their life.

There Are Options to Receive Treatment in Arizona Drug Rehabs

Our website is an excellent source of the drug rehabilitation centers available in Arizona. It includes a comprehensive database of the available drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers available in Arizona. Users of the site can search for centers by location, type of treatment, insurance coverage and cost, length of stay for treatment, and specialized treatment for those persons that need more tailored plans based on their circumstances.

Types of Treatment Available

Arizona has about 20 drug and alcohol treatment centers with 90-day residential rehabilitation programs. During the length of stay, some examples of the treatments in which a patient may engage in include group counseling, individual counseling, individual therapy, meetings, and activities to build life skills.

If an individual is struggling with finding the help they need, there are services available for obtaining a drug addiction assessment. The goal is to help the individual locate an effective program in Arizona. For more information on how to find assessment services, call us.

Some Arizona drug rehabs offer specialized treatment programs. This may be suitable for individuals with other needs, including mental health disorders. It may also provide treatments centered towards specialized groups, such as pregnant women, those that would prefer faith-based treatment, and those of center ages.

Arizona has over 30 inpatient drug and alcohol treatment centers that offer residential programs ranging from 60 to 120 days. This is an excellent resource to locate these centers and find the appropriate one based on the treatment a person needs.

How Drug Rehab Centers Can Help

Overcoming addiction can improve the quality of your life and help those facing addiction achieve what they truly want to in their life. A drug rehab center will offer the professionals, support, and counseling to assist someone suffering a drug or substance addiction over it. These centers can provide the encouragement that is often needed while someone is overcoming the problematic emotions throughout the recovery process. By seeking out help from a center with the resources to assist an individual to overcome this, they have a higher chance to overcome their addiction and maintain sobriety.

Arizona Drug Statistics

Drug use as well as hospitalizations, arrests, and deaths related to such drug use is increasing in Arizona. From 2003 to 2013, there was a 99% increase in the number of persons arrested in Arizona due to drugs. More statistics are on this webpage. Obtaining proper treatment can help someone suffering from an addiction prevent these unfortunate possible outcomes that occur from drug use and addiction. The person can then go on to lead a better, healthier, and more fulfilling life.

Enroll in an Arizona Drug Rehab Center

Addiction cuts to the very core of your family dynamics, relationships, and self-worth. Our Arizona Drug rehab facilities encourage cooperative team building while investing in your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Your best future awaits: call (800) 210-8229 today.

Types of Arizona Drug Rehabs

Whether you are looking for a 30 day rehab, 60 day rehab, or 90 day rehab in Arizona we have safe and supportive place to share your story, receive individualized care, and build a community of unconditional support. From supervised medical detox to continuing education programs, we offer full-circle treatment that leads to wellness and empowers people of all ages.

Arizona –  Drug and Alcohol Detox

Drug and Alcohol Detox rids the body of the toxins caused by drug and alcohol use. Detox is typically the first step towards addiction recovery, and the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms that occur during this process can be the main deterrent for individuals when considering sobriety.

Arizona- 30 Day Rehab Recovery Program

A 30 day rehab is common for rehabilitation from addiction. For a lot of patients, this provides enough time to get through physical withdrawal and start the following processes in their recovery:

  • Relapse prevention
  • Planning for aftercare
  • Identification and treatment of underlying issues
  • Family Therapy

A 30 day rehab in a lot of instances is all that is necessary to get the alcoholic or addict the treatment required to recovery from addiction. Having said that, no one treatment option is a be all program for every addict or alcoholic. Call today one of Coast to Coast Recovery’s highly skilled addiction specialists and we will find the right option for you and/or your loved one. We offer a multitude of 30 day rehabs and facilities to choose from, all you need to do now is call.

During thirty days of inpatient treatment, Coast to Coast clients clear their body of offending toxins, clear their head to make good decisions, and experience the benefits of group therapy, individual therapy, holistic therapies, and other program features. Coast to Coast’s 30 day rehabs are intensive, personalized, and highly effective for men, women, and young adults.

60-Day Rehabs in Arizona

Our network of 60-day inpatient drug rehabs offer a broad range of proven benefits, including:

  • Minimal time away from family & work
  • Customized programs for all ages & addiction types
  • Exceptional treatment completion & success rates
  • Affordability compared to longer programs
  • Interaction with others pursuing sobriety
  • Structured schedules designed to optimize recovery
  • Carefully structured traditional & non-traditional treatment plans
  • Luxury surroundings & amenities
  • Relapse prevention therapy & aftercare planning
  • Sobriety living & post-treatment planning

Statistics show that clients who spend more than 60 days in residential rehab experience more successful sobriety and decreased rates of relapse. For clients requiring additional treatment after a 60-day program is complete, Coast to Coast readily offers options for intensive outpatient therapy, sober living communities, sober companions, 12-step groups & community groups, and ongoing private counseling. In some cases, clients may benefit from a residential program extension before they return home.

Choosing 90 Day Rehab –Arizona Addiction Treatment

Addiction is a long-standing condition that cannot be overcome simply by discontinuing the use of drugs or alcohol. Addiction can be aided through professional care and treatment. 90 day drug rehab programs offer plenty of time to reflect on your addiction and overcome it. 90 day rehab programs are often for those who need extended treatment for their addiction. Long term rehab is for those who have had multiple relapses and other difficulties after their previous inpatient treatment program. Addicts may be reluctant to make a long-term commitment. Do not hesitate and make the call for you or your loved one before the time runs out.

Coast to Coast Long-Term Drug  Rehabs in Arizona

We offer a range of features and program options, from holistic healing and complementary therapies to 12-step programs and Christian-based teaching. Using our proven treatment matching protocol, we will determine which addiction recovery facility best suits your age, addiction type, family situation, and financial plan. A longer stay may be just what you need, since it gives alcoholics, drug addicts, and those suffering from dual diagnosis (co-occuring disorders) more distraction-free time to:

  • Dig into the root of their addiction
  • Seek treatment for mental health problems
  • Seek treatment for chronic relapse
  • Implement behavioral changes
  • Heal their mind & body
  • Get spiritual connected to their inner self or a higher power
  • Experience sobriety in a safe, structured environment
  • Develop a community of supportive peers & clinicians
  • Invest in self-care & holistic therapies that help with stress & pain management
  • Plan post-treatment steps to begin a drug-free future

Benefits of Arizona Drug Rehab

Our Arizona drug rehab facilities are founded on 12-step principles and customized to the individual needs of residents. Serving people who struggle with drug abuse, alcoholism, or a dual-diagnosis, programs include:

Comfortable detox. Before you can put energy toward recovery, your body must be freed from toxins. We keep you comfortable during supervised detoxification and offer pharmaceutical intervention as needed.

Blending traditional and holistic treatment options, our customized residential programs include individual and group therapy, physical fitness, and nutrition counseling.

Arizona Outpatient Drug rehab. Once you complete RTC, our addiction professionals help you take the next step. Intensive Outpatient and Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) prepare you for the real world with vocational training, community volunteering, and career planning.

Continuing care. Sustained sobriety requires daily work, so our team supports you through aftercare planning, alumni activities, and peer accountability.

Sober Fun in Arizona

Our Arizona Drug Rehab facility feels like home; a place to escape the noise and stress of the outside world. Prepare fresh meals in our state-of-the-art kitchen, plant and harvest in our working garden, or enjoy the company of our therapy animals.

Whether you are energized by a solitary walk or prefer the fellowship of friends, we encourage you to enjoy your newfound sobriety. During your stay, you also have the opportunity to participate in regular group outings that include:

  • Local music festivals
  • Boutique retail destinations
  • Museums & galleries

Enroll in a Arizona Drug Rehab Center

Addiction cuts to the very core of your family dynamics, relationships, and self-worth. Our Arizona Drug rehab facilities encourage cooperative team building while investing in your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Your best future awaits: call (800) 210-8229 today.

Inquire about Drug & Alcohol Rehabs in Arizona

If you live in the Arizona area or would like to participate in Rehab in Arizona, contact Coast to Coast Recovery Centers.  We will place you in one of our30 day alcohol and drug addiction treatment for yourself or a loved one. You may also request information pertaining to our 60 day rehab, 90 day rehab and long term rehabilitation.  Don’t lose your resolve; don’t assume you can change things on your own. Our recovery specialists support you through each step of admission and facility selection, and recovery is the best chance you have at living a life of purpose and loving yourself again. The time is now: dial (800) 210-8229 to get help with your addiction crisis—before it’s too late.

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