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Top Rated California Drug Rehab Centers

With the increasing rise in addiction throughout California drug and alcohol rehab centers are in demand. California is a serene place to start the first steps to recovery. From beaches along the Pacific coast to mountain scenery the surroundings bring a fresh breeze to a new start in life. At Coast to Coast recovery we have a have a variety of California Drug Rehab Centers to choose from including luxury rehab facilities.

Overview of California Drug Rehab Centers

Why Drug Rehab is Great for Everyone

California Drug Rehabs are effective in helping their patients to recover from various addiction. They are successful because they not only treat the patient but also get to the root of the problem and help to find a cure for the issues that cause the addiction in the first place. There are different methods used for treating addictions including the 12-step program, psychotherapy, or even cognitive therapy. Every one is different and different forms of treatment are required for various addictions and scenarios, and that is just one of the jobs of the treatment center. California Drug Rehabs use different approaches to help their patients including support groups, medication, counseling, and even job training and job placement.

There are many drug problems in the State of California and prescription drug abuse is just one of them. In 2014 alone over 47,000 deaths can be attributed to a drug overdose. Half of these overdoses were from either prescription painkillers or heroin.

Drug rehab treatment is very effective in helping people with addictions, but 85% of people who have an addition do not receive the treatment that they need. Some people are embarrassed they have an addiction, others are afraid of the withdrawal symptoms, and others don't have a way to get to a treatment center due to location, lack of insurance, or simply cannot afford to get treatment. Others don't even realize they have an addiction.

When patients can receive a tailored drug treatment plan, they can get better. California Drug Rehabs offer multiple steps, detoxification, behavioral counseling, medications, diagnosis, support and specialized care to help patients to avoid the pitfalls of a relapse. They also take into consideration such things as mental stability and mental problems such as depression.

By helping addicts to get better, the whole society benefits. There's less crime, and it even saves money. For every addict that gets better, there is a saving s of about $7 for every dollar spent. That is because there are fewer medical costs, less theft, more employment, and less money spent to house inmates imprisoned for drug offenses.

The goal of the drug treatment center is to make the addict better through tailored plans and with long-term support to avoid relapses. A patient will generally receive 24-hour medical monitoring during the period of detox and with staff that will help throughout the entire journey to sobriety.

Enroll in a California Drug Rehab Center

Addiction cuts to the very core of your family dynamics, relationships, and self-worth. Our California Drug rehab facilities encourage cooperative team building while investing in your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Your best future awaits: call (800) 210-8229 today.

Overview of California Drug Rehab Centers

California Drug Rehab Centers are in demand. A growing percentage of Drug and Alcohol addiction in California has put pressure on our government to help subsidize medical treatment for drug and alcohol addiction.  California Rehab centers offer progressive, customized programs focused on whole-person healing: body, mind, and spirit. We even offer California holistic drug rehabs.  We work with centers, which provide the comfort and safety you demand.

California Drug Rehab

Whether you are looking for a 30 day rehab, 60 day rehab, or 90 day rehab in California we have safe and supportive place to share your story, receive individualized care, and build a community of unconditional support. From supervised medical detox to continuing education programs, we offer full-circle treatment that leads to wellness and empowers people of all ages.

California –  Drug and Alcohol Detox

Drug and Alcohol Detox in California rids the body of the toxins caused by drug and alcohol use. Detox is typically the first step towards addiction recovery, and the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms that occur during this process can be the main deterrent for individuals when considering sobriety.

California- 30 Day Rehab Recovery Program

A 30 day rehab in California is common for rehabilitation from addiction. For a lot of patients, this provides enough time to get through physical withdrawal and start the following processes in their recovery:

  • Relapse prevention
  • Planning for aftercare
  • Identification and treatment of underlying issues
  • Family Therapy

A 30 day rehab in a lot of instances is all that is necessary to get the alcoholic or addict the treatment required to recovery from addiction. Having said that, no one treatment option is a be all program for every addict or alcoholic. Call today one of Coast to Coast Recovery’s highly skilled addiction specialists and we will find the right option for you and/or your loved one. We offer a multitude of 30 day rehabs and facilities to choose from, all you need to do now is call.

During thirty days of inpatient treatment, Coast to Coast clients clear their body of offending toxins, clear their head to make good decisions, and experience the benefits of group therapy, individual therapy, holistic therapies, and other program features. Coast to Coast’s 30 day rehabs are intensive, personalized, and highly effective for men, women, and young adults.

60 Day Rehabs in California

Our network of 60-day inpatient drug rehabs and 60 day rehab in California offer a broad range of proven benefits, including:

  • Minimal time away from family & work
  • Customized programs for all ages & addiction types
  • Exceptional treatment completion & success rates
  • Affordability compared to longer programs
  • Interaction with others pursuing sobriety
  • Structured schedules designed to optimize recovery
  • Carefully structured traditional & non-traditional treatment plans
  • Luxury surroundings & amenities
  • Relapse prevention therapy & aftercare planning
  • Sobriety living & post-treatment planning

Statistics show that clients who spend more than 60 days in residential rehab experience more successful sobriety and decreased rates of relapse. For clients requiring additional treatment after a 60-day program is complete, Coast to Coast readily offers options for intensive outpatient therapy, sober living communities, sober companions, 12-step groups & community groups, and ongoing private counseling. In some cases, clients may benefit from a residential program extension before they return home.

Choosing 90 Day Rehab –California Addiction Treatment

Addiction is a long-standing condition that cannot be overcome simply by discontinuing the use of drugs or alcohol. Addiction can be aided through professional care and treatment. 90 day drug rehab programs offer plenty of time to reflect on your addiction and overcome it. 90 day rehab programs in California are often for those who need extended treatment for their addiction. Long term rehab is for those who have had multiple relapses and other difficulties after their previous inpatient treatment program. Addicts may be reluctant to make a long-term commitment. Do not hesitate and make the call for you or your loved one before the time runs out.

Coast to Coast Long-Term Drug  Rehabs in California

We offer a range of features and program options, from holistic healing and complementary therapies to 12-step programs and Christian-based teaching. Using our proven treatment matching protocol, we will determine which addiction recovery facility best suits your age, addiction type, family situation, and financial plan. A long term rehab in California may be just what you need, since it gives alcoholics, drug addicts, and those suffering from dual diagnosis (co-occuring disorders) more distraction-free time to:

  • Dig into the root of their addiction
  • Seek treatment for mental health problems
  • Seek treatment for chronic relapse
  • Implement behavioral changes
  • Heal their mind & body
  • Get spiritual connected to their inner self or a higher power
  • Experience sobriety in a safe, structured environment
  • Develop a community of supportive peers & clinicians
  • Invest in self-care & holistic therapies that help with stress & pain management
  • Plan post-treatment steps to begin a drug-free future

Benefits of a California Holistic Drug Rehab

Our California holistic drug rehab is designed to help our clients repair the physical, psychological, and spiritual damage of addiction – which is critical to recovery and long-term sobriety. For example, nutritional counseling can aid in repairing vitamin deficiencies; meditation sessions can help break the cycle of negative thinking; and spiritual healing can promote a greater understanding of yourself and your higher power. By working with our team of compassionate and credentialed counselors, interventionists, and addiction specialists, clients can experience the many benefits of holistic addiction treatment, including:

  • Enhanced physical and emotional health
  • Stress management
  • Body awareness
  • Recovery from lingering body toxins
  • Better nourishment
  • Less emotional clutter
  • Increased spirituality

Dual Diagnosis Rehab in California

Dual Diagnosis Rehab in California deals with a number of issues that clients experience. Crippling fear. All-consuming anxiety. Hopelessness, dread, and feelings of isolation. Nearly 55 million Americans suffer from these and other symptoms characteristic of a diagnosable mental health disorder. Your brain may become sick when it is disrupted by a chemical imbalance, neurological disease, or genetic condition. Mental health issues also arise as a result of trauma, environmental stressors, addiction, or lifestyle choices. No matter what the cause, mental illness derails your life, family, and goals. It causes physical and emotional pain and comes with a social stigma that leads many people to suffer in darkness.

At Coast to Coast, we believe it is time to bring mental illness into the light. When you partner with our reputable network of California, Florida, and U.S. dual diagnosis facilities, you’ll receive the medical expertise and support you need to treat or manage most mental health conditions that accompany your addiction, including:

• Clinical depression
• Generalized anxiety disorder
• Bipolar disorder
• Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
• Obsessive-compulsive disorder
• Dissociative disorders
• Eating disorders

Christian Rehab in California

Christian Rehabs in California are a good way for people trying to overcome addiction to awaken a relationship with god as well. For many of our clients, prioritizing a relationship with God is the first step toward healing from addiction. Whether your faith walk is new or has developed over decades, Coast to Coast’s network of addiction treatment centers offers programs that cater to those desiring or professing a Christian belief system.

If these thoughts and questions sound familiar, our reputable Coast to Coast Christian rehab centers can help you find the answers you need.

• I am so ashamed of my addiction. I wonder if God still loves me.
• How can God forgive me when I can’t forgive myself?
• I believe in God, but I can’t find him anymore.
• Does God hear my cries for help? I feel so alone.
• I used to think God had a plan for my life. Now I can’t see beyond my addiction.

It is common for men and women to experience a crisis of faith when they become addicted to drugs and alcohol. Carrying the heavy weight of shame and feeling ostracized from God, they need help restoring the spiritual part of their lives. Coast to Coast’s Christian rehab centers integrate spirituality with traditional recovery methods to help clients find God in the midst of overwhelming physical, emotional, and psychological pain. Program features may include intensive Bible study, pastoral counseling, prayer and meditation, Christian fellowship, worship services, life skills training, and more.

Non 12 Step Rehab in California

A non 12 step rehab in California might be the perfect recovery match for you. There’s no one right path to recovery that works for everyone – and that’s why at Coast to Coast we offer a variety of proven addiction treatments, including non-12-step addiction rehab.

Unfortunately, some models of rehabilitation centers typically base their program model on the most modern scientific research available. These centers are well aware of current information about dual diagnosis treatment, the mechanics of how substances work within the brain, and modern psychological research as it relates to substance abuse. This up-to-the-minute information can make these treatment centers an excellent option for many individuals. Individuals who have attempted to follow a program based on outdated science or methods that are non-scientific may find a scientifically based treatment model a welcome change.

Studies show that taking a one-size-fits-all approach to addiction treatment is very often a recipe for failure. At Coast to Coast, our motto is “getting it right the first time,” and to do this we make sure to work with you to create a treatment plan that’s unique to you – one that matches your experiences, relationships, addiction, health history, and more.

Advantages of Executive Luxury Rehab in California

A Luxury rehab in California has numerous benefits for clients. There are many benefits to attending an executive rehab or luxury treatment facility, but the most important include total privacy and confidentiality. Luxury rehabs deliver a standard of living our clients have earned and become accustomed to, and many Coast to Coast’s luxury rehabs also offer access to:

  • Stringent security measures
  • Beautiful, peaceful surroundings with luxury rooms
  • Private beds & baths
  • Open use of laptops, cell phones & other communication tools
  • Open visits from family, friends & staff
  • Recreation & adventure therapy opportunities
  • Pools, hot tubs & water therapy
  • Complementary & holistic health care options
  • Spa treatments
  • World-class cuisine prepared by executive chefs
  • Concierge & salon services

Benefits of California Drug Rehab

Our California drug rehab facilities are founded on 12-step principles and customized to the individual needs of residents. Serving people who struggle with drug abuse, alcoholism, or a dual-diagnosis, programs include:

Comfortable detox. Before you can put energy toward recovery, your body must be freed from toxins. We keep you comfortable during supervised detoxification and offer pharmaceutical intervention as needed.

Blending traditional and holistic treatment options, our customized residential programs include individual and group therapy, physical fitness, and nutrition counseling.

California Outpatient Drug rehab. Once you complete RTC, our addiction professionals help you take the next step. Intensive Outpatient and Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) prepare you for the real world with vocational training, community volunteering, and career planning.

Continuing care. Sustained sobriety requires daily work, so our team supports you through aftercare planning, alumni activities, and peer accountability.

Sober Fun in California

Our California Drug Rehab facility feels like home; a place to escape the noise and stress of the outside world. Prepare fresh meals in our state-of-the-art kitchen, plant and harvest in our working garden, or enjoy the company of our therapy animals.

Whether you are energized by a solitary walk or prefer the fellowship of friends, we encourage you to enjoy your newfound sobriety. During your stay, you also have the opportunity to participate in regular group outings that include:

  • Local music festivals
  • Boutique retail destinations
  • Museums & galleries
  • Beach

Enroll in a California Drug Rehab Center

Addiction cuts to the very core of your family dynamics, relationships, and self-worth. Our California Drug rehab facilities encourage cooperative team building while investing in your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Your best future awaits: call (800) 210-8229 today.

Inquire about Drug & Alcohol Rehabs in California

If you live in the California area or would like to participate in Rehab in California, contact Coast to Coast Recovery Centers.  We will place you in one of our 30 day alcohol and drug addiction treatment for yourself or a loved one. You may also request information pertaining to our 60 day rehab, 90 day rehab and long term rehabilitation.  Don’t lose your resolve; don’t assume you can change things on your own. Our recovery specialists support you through each step of admission and facility selection, and recovery is the best chance you have at living a life of purpose and loving yourself again. The time is now: dial (800) 210-8229 to get help with your addiction crisis—before it’s too late.

List of California Drug Rehab Centers:

Alameda County CA
Alpine County CA 
Amador County CA 
Butte County CA 
Calaveras County CA
Colusa County CA
Contra Costa County CA
Del Norte County CA
El Dorado County CA
Fresno County CA
Glenn County CA
Humboldt County CA
Imperial County CA
Inyo County CA
Kern County CA
Kings County CA
Lake County CA
Lassen County CA
Los Angeles County CA
Madera County CA

Marin County CA
Mariposa County CA
Mendocino County CA
Merced County CA
Modoc County CA
Mono County CA
Monterey County CA
Napa County CA
Nevada County CA
Orange County CA
Placer County CA
Plumas County CA
Riverside County CA
Sacramento County CA
San Benito County CA
San Bernardino County CA
San Diego County CA
San Francisco County CA
San Joaquin County CA

San Luis Obispo County CA
San Mateo Country CA
Santa Barbara County CA
Santa Clara County CA
Santa Cruz County CA
Shasta County CA
Sierra County CA
Siskiyou County CA
Solano County CA
Sonoma County CA
Stanislaus County CA
Sutter County CA
Tehama County CA
Trinity County CA
Tulare County CA
Tuolumne County CA
Ventura County CA
Yolo County CA
Yuba County CA

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