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Christian Rehabs

For many of our clients, prioritizing a relationship with God is the first step toward healing from addiction. Whether your faith walk is new or has developed over decades, Coast to Coast’s network of addiction treatment centers offers programs that cater to those desiring or professing a Christian belief system.

If these thoughts and questions sound familiar, our reputable Coast to Coast Christian rehab centers can help you find the answers you need.

• I am so ashamed of my addiction. I wonder if God still loves me.
• How can God forgive me when I can’t forgive myself?
• I believe in God, but I can’t find him anymore.
• Does God hear my cries for help? I feel so alone.
• I used to think God had a plan for my life. Now I can’t see beyond my addiction.

It is common for men and women to experience a crisis of faith when they become addicted to drugs and alcohol. Carrying the heavy weight of shame and feeling ostracized from God, they need help restoring the spiritual part of their lives. Coast to Coast’s Christian rehab centers integrate spirituality with traditional recovery methods to help clients find God in the midst of overwhelming physical, emotional, and psychological pain. Program features may include intensive Bible study, pastoral counseling, prayer and meditation, Christian fellowship, worship services, life skills training, and more.

Benefits of Christian Addiction Treatment

There are many benefits to Christian addiction treatment for those embracing a religious worldview. First, you will find yourself in a community of people with similar belief systems. For many clients, this fellowship and support become a key part of the healing process. As clients pray for each other and share one another’s burdens, they begin to see addiction as a life-changing experience that God can use to refine them.

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Additional advantages of our leading Christian rehab centers include:

• Recovery without judgment. Your team of Christian therapists and interventionists accept you as you are, walking alongside you without condemning you for your addiction.
• Biblical-based perspective. Christian rehabs use the Bible as the foundation for their spiritual teachings. The Bible is a rich resource that teaches clients to overcome temptation by embracing God’s faithfulness.
• Ability to see yourself as a valued child of God. Coast to Coast Christian rehab facilities help clients see themselves as a beautiful creation, cherished by God.
• Deep understanding of God’s forgiveness. Individuals recovering from drug and alcohol addiction struggle to believe that God could forgive their choices. Our pastoral care teams help clients accept God’s forgiveness and begin to forgive themselves.

If you or someone you love is in need of addiction treatment, Coast to Coast partners with an accredited network of qualified Christian facilities. To learn more about our faith-based addiction treatment programs, or to speak with our compassionate intervention specialists, dial (800) 210-8229 or submit a private online inquiry. We specialize in matching you with the facility that best suits your spiritual and personal needs—so you can enjoy sobriety the way God intended.

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As your program comes to an end, Coast to Coast addiction professionals help you take the next step into aftercare and beyond. Stressful lifestyles, co-occurring conditions, and dysfunctional family situations act as relapse triggers, so it’s critical that you develop a detailed plan for life after rehab.

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