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Drug Addiction Services

Drug Addiction Services | Most Insurance Accepted

Drug addiction is on the rise in many states throughout the U.S.  For example, the Opioid Crisis is at epidemic levels in South Carolina. In 2017 President Trump announced an Opioid Epidemic.  Recently, states like Ohio have become out of control with heroin overdose and more continue to do so.  Some people blame this epidemic on the drug companies over prescribing pain killers.

Coast to Coast Recovery Centers, head-quartered in New Port Beach, CA will connect you with highly trained, credentialed addiction staff members and our drug intervention specialists have helped hundreds of clients deal with substance abuse, drug addiction, alcohol addiction, and mental illness. Tailoring recovery programs to your personal and financial needs, we offer a broad range of detox, addiction recovery, and behavioral health services.


As a leading provider of affordable drug addiction services, high-quality addiction treatment, our life-changing network of facilities include: California Addiction Rehabs, Florida Addiction Rehabs, and across the U.S.

Throughout all stages of your personal recovery journey, you will partner with a team that delivers compassionate support, quality medical care, and expert consulting services. Accredited rehab facilities specialize in traditional, holistic drug rehab, and complementary therapies, and programs are geared toward men, women, young adults, older adults, and other niche demographics.

Coast to Coast’s comprehensive addiction treatment services include:

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Never was this so true as the day you decide to call Coast to Coast. Day or night, you’ll reach our trained intervention specialists who have been on the addiction recovery journey themselves—and can’t wait to help you get your life back. If you are making this call for a loved one, we realize how painful it is to love an addict. We will help you plan an intervention when necessary, and offer a step-by-step look at what the recovery process will entail. Then, we’ll talk about getting you help as well.

Drug Addiction Services with Coast to Coast Recovery

To learn more about Coast to Coast’s drug addiction services -vision, success rates, and research-based elite rehab programs, call (888) 245-6088. To reach us online, fill out a confidential online form. Our drug rehabilitation specialists will be in touch to schedule a consultation and get to know you. Whether you’re beginning recovery for the first time or struggling with relapse, our free treatment matching protocol helps us place you in the most effective facility for your specific type of addiction and personal needs. For example, some men want to be in a male only rehab, which makes perfect sense for a married man.  Or a rehab for women; some women may feel comfortable with women only rehabs.

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Why Choose Drug Addiction Services with Coast to Coast Recovery Centers

Whether you choose a rehab based strictly upon cost or fall prey to the sales pitch of an unlicensed, inexperienced facility, we don’t want you to find yourself back at square one— wondering where to go from here. Consider the cost of choosing a treatment center that is not a suitable fit:

• Increased relapse risk
• A setback in time, energy & money
• Lost time away from family & friends
• Costly time off from employment
• Difficulty maintaining the required level of motivation
• Feelings of failure & frustration

At Coast to Coast, you’ll find a different kind of addiction recovery experience. We’re about getting it right the first time, and that motto was born out of watching addicted individuals struggle through multiple treatment programs without achieving sobriety success.

Drug & Alcohol Treatment Options

Our treatment options at Coast to Coast Recovery Centers are second to none. We provide referrals for dual-diagnosis drug rehab and addiction treatment center throughout the U.S. which specialize in the treatment of a wide range of addictions, ranging from alcoholism, opiate addiction, cocaine addiction and prescription drug abuse.

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