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Drug Interventions

When a spouse, child, or someone you love is unwilling to admit their drug addiction or seek professional treatment, it feels like your hands are tied. Drugs have become a way of life, occupying their every thought and behavior. Maybe the most painful reality of all is when they choose drugs over a relationship with you. At Coast to Coast, we’ve been there. Our trained intervention specialists have successfully completed the sobriety journey—and have committed their lives to walking the recovery road with others.


Intervention for Drug Addiction

If you read nothing else on this page, please hear us when we say: do not allow your child, spouse, or parent to hit bottom before you get help. Untreated alcohol addiction, drug addiction, eating disorders, mental illness, and other diseases destroy families, bring financial ruin, can lead to violence, and could kill someone precious to you. Call Coast to Coast before someone close to you spirals out of control, and before drug addiction destroys the fabric of their life and yours.

Drug and Alcohol addiction intervention make for interesting television, but how are they required for the real world? How do you get someone you care about who is drinking himself into oblivion into treatment? And just how do you do that in a well intentioned way that both takes into account the person's rights and also helps them move towards change?

We have learned patience, meekness, and compassion are critical in achieving a successful conclusion to a drug intervention. We also have learned that even when the decision is painful, those involved are still associated with commitment and sacrifice.

When families decide that the intervention is necessary, they have often felt guilty for some weeks, even with the clear understanding that the goal of the intervention is to get the person into treatment and that it is not a remedy in itself nor a guarantee that treatment will immediately replace the person. What it does is get the individual into a program where he or she has a chance to change.

As intervention professionals who work in the field, we believe you do not have to wait until someone hits "rock bottom" to intervene. The idea of "rock bottom" has always been bothersome. Issues can always get more serious, and, really, the only rock bottom is the loss of a life. So, we are an advocate for doing something sooner, before "rock bottom” is truly hit. We advocate using a positive approach: no condemning. Our goal is to pick a team of individuals important to the person who we will be talking to them, with empathy and respect in order that the person will listen but not feel compelled to go on the defensive. We meet with them ahead of time, and have them write letters to the person. We pick the place where the intervention will occur and take proper precautions for safety.

We have also found over time that it is best to listen to our instincts. If someone or someplace feels wrong for the intervention, then it is most beneficial to listen to that feeling. We also feel that one should save the use of "consequences" for last and rely on them only if absolutely necessary.

The family arranges the treatment and transportation in co-operation with the program and interventionist ahead of time. And even then, we understand sometimes that we will have to adjust to unforeseen circumstances. Over the years, we have mastered the art of improvising. We help guide their decisions based on their operating basis (what is important to them). We educate and unify the family, so that no matter what happens we know that we did everything that we could! We focus on long term changes by understanding manipulations, enabling, and healthy boundaries. The whole focus of this process is to not just “get” the person to rehab but increase their willingness to take a serious look at saving their own lives.

There also may be some who are concerned by the concept of interventions. Interventions can be done in an old in-your-face judgmental way that does more to stoke the anger of those hurt by the individual's drinking and drug use than to get the person to consent to go willingly to treatment. Our method is a pleasant, effective, alternative. Whether 0r not you agree with the idea of a higher power or a 12 step program or other forms of therapy, we take into consideration all forms of treatment and ways to influence the addict. We are experts in the art of how to precisely treat people and encourage them to listen and consider change. Our voice, our way of treating people with compassion, dignity, and respect along with speaking to people in a way that they are going to listen is well worth the effort.

A professional intervention could be just what you need to guide an in-denial loved one toward rehab. During Coast to Coast’s structured interventions, family members and skilled clinicians confront the drug addict in a safe, neutral environment. Speaking the truth with compassion, we bring clarity to the situation. It is our ultimate goal to bring awakening to addicts and compel them to begin immediate treatment.

Coast to Coast provides professional drug intervention planning and facilitation for:

• Drug abuse
• Drug addiction
• Street drug addiction
• Prescription drug addiction
• Opiate addiction
• Marijuana addiction
• Cocaine & heroin addiction
• Ritalin & Adderall addiction
• Stimulant addiction

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It will never feel like “just the right time” to intervene in a family member’s addiction. Unfortunately, your avoidant behavior is enabling them while subjecting you to the pain of manipulation and deceit. Call Coast to Coast today—before it is too late. Intervention is a powerful tool in our addiction treatment arsenal, and our reputable interventionists have an excellent success rate.

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