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The Drug Rehab Admission Process

The drug rehab admission process is as difficult as it is to seek help for drug and alcohol addiction, many clients and families are just as concerned about navigating the admissions, insurance, assessment, and detox processes. They don’t know what to expect during rehab, and the unknown may seem even scarier than the consequences of remaining addicted. At Coast to Coast, we demystify the admissions and early recovery processes, ensuring that clients feel welcome, safe, and understood—and families feel at ease with their loved one’s treatment program.

Drug and Alcohol Recovery Centers

Whether you contacted Coast to Coast on your own or were referred by a family member, therapist, insurance provider, or another facility, our capable team acts as your advocate and manages every part of your admission at no cost to you. Services include:

  • Educating clients about program & facility options
  • Planning & holding interventions when needed
  • Verifying insurance benefits & obtaining authorizations
  • Working with families to develop feasible payment options
  • Using a proven treatment-matching protocol to place clients in their ideal facility

Addiction is not a character flaw. It’s a treatable disease. At Coast to Coast, we help you get the counseling and support you need for drug addiction, alcohol addiction, mental illness, or dual diagnoses. A leading provider of addiction treatment, we simplify the screening and admission processes so you can begin active recovery quickly.

Drug and alcohol abuse is a dead-end road. Without help, things will get worse—and you could lose your health, family, friends, finances, or even your life. Fortunately, there is a way out. Our friendly intervention specialists know the road to recovery, and will help you build a foundation for restored health and long-term sobriety. To begin the admissions process or inquire about insurance coverage, call (800) 210-8229 or submit a confidential online inquiry.

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