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Eating Disorder Interventions

Eating Disorder Interventions have saved the lives of countless addicts, but few people realize that they are a game-changer for men and women battling eating disorders as well. Tailoring these meetings to the unique needs of the client and family, our intervention specialists speak the compassionate truth to those suffering from bulimia nervosa, anorexia nervosa, and binge eating disorders.

Symptoms of Eating Disorders

Like addiction and mental health disorders, eating disorders often remain hidden for a time. We are a culture obsessed with physical image. Weight loss may be associated with other health problems, and compulsive exercising can be mistaken for a hobby. If you believe that a friend or loved one has an eating disorder, it must be taken seriously as a deadly medical condition. Common signs include dysfunctional body image, significant weight loss, skipping meals, over-the-top workout habits, unwillingness to eat in public, or excessively dry skin and body hair.

Intervention Steps for Eating Disorders

Coast to Coast’s interventionists have an exceptional success rate for addiction interventions and eating disorder interventions. If you have tried to talk with a loved one on your own, you have probably hit a dead end. Eating disorders are a mental health problem, and individuals with eating disorders use manipulation, deceit, and other tactics to avoid being outed. That’s why you need a professional. Coast to Coast’s staff work with concerned family members and friends to confront clients who need help by:

  • Educating the family about eating disorders.
  • Providing an overview of what to expect when your loved one enters therapy.
  • Helping you process angry feelings and grief.
  • Developing an actionable list of consequences that will occur if your loved one won’t agree to therapy.
  • Facilitating the intervention and keeping the discussion safe and productive.

Schedule an Eating Disorder Intervention Today

Eating disorders are the most deadly of all mental illnesses. Ravaging the body, they lead to heart and blood pressure problems, weak bones, gastric rupture, chronic bowel conditions, severe tooth damage, dehydration, and kidney failure. People caught in this downward spiral cannot help themselves, but you can get them the help they need. An eating disorder intervention could be the difference between life and death for someone you love. It’s that serious. Call today, 24/7: (888) 245-6088.