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Executive Consulting

We offer executive consulting services to our clients. As an addict, you’ve already put your family, life, and career in jeopardy. Every time you drink at work, drive under the influence, make poor decisions, or put your family at risk, you take another step toward losing the things that are most important to you. Before you lose everything you have, call the Coast to Coast team. Serving physicians, attorneys, pilots, health care providers, and other high-profile professionals, Coast to Coast helps clients and families navigate the rigors of rehab while retaining their professional licenses and meeting occupational guidelines.

Coast to Coast Executive Consulting Programs

Working while impaired may be life threatening to you or someone else, so Coast to Coast offers many reputable addiction treatment programs catering to the needs of high-profile individuals, executives, and licensed professionals. Whether you choose to go to rehab on your own or enter rehab at the request of a supervisor, licensing board, or agency, our trained interventionists and clinicians develop a highly effective treatment plan customized to your addictive history and treatment preferences. It is our goal to expedite your treatment admission and develop a post-treatment strategy that improves your chances of long-term sobriety.

Dire consequences await attorneys, pilots, nurses, dentists, physicians, or psychiatrists who lose their license and livelihood due to addiction choices. Even worse is when you are given a second chance—and slip up, anyway. Acquiring your professional license takes years of your life, and you can jeopardize it with one poor choice. When this happens, trained professionals at Coast to Coast help you navigate the red tape of license suspensions, hospital privilege suspensions, and other consequences. In some cases, you can attend rehab while continuing to work, while other agencies may require a leave of absence.

Advantages of Coast to Coast Executive Consulting

Benefits of Coast to Coast executive and licensed professional consulting services include:

• Privacy & confidentiality. Coast to Coast’s CA and FL providers guarantee your privacy while you are in residential or outpatient rehab.
• Industry expertise. We work with physicians, pilots, air traffic control staff, attorneys, psychiatrists, dentists, and other licensed professionals on a regular basis. We are familiar with licensing guidelines, and we help you return to work or begin a new career when addiction has thwarted your vocational path.
• Full-service consulting. Our team handles all insurance verification, enrollment logistics, drug testing, licensing documentation, and more at no cost to you.

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Your career is integral to your identity and purpose. If your license is suspended, we’ll work with your employer and licensing agencies to meet court-ordered requirements, comply with all drug tests, and strive to get you reinstated as soon as possible. If you have lost your license for good, we’ll help you start over. After all, addiction recovery is the fresh start you been waiting for. Begin again; forgive yourself and experience healing in every corner of your life.

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