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Help for Loved Ones of Addicts / Alcoholics

At first, you may have ignored your loved one’s chemical dependency—hoping it would “just go away.” Then, you tried everything in your power to stop your spouse, best friend, or significant other from spiraling into a destructive cycle of addiction. Lectures, arguing, preaching, and guilt trips were unsuccessful. And when you gave them an ultimatum, they chose drugs over a relationship with you. It’s heartbreaking and maddening, but it’s part of the disease.

Addicts have a physical and psychological need to use. They pursue the next high compulsively, unable to make better decisions on their own. When you get between an addict’s relationship with drugs or alcohol, you are perceived as a threat rather than a friend. Without professional guidance, you are powerless to pull your loved one out of the pit of substance abuse. That’s why we’re here.

At Coast to Coast, we will not only provide customized treatment plans for your friend or family member; we’ll walk beside you as you grieve over their addiction. We’ll teach you to love without enabling, encourage without coercing, and prioritize self-care as you support them during recovery. As you give yourself permission to heal, remember these truths:

• You may need intervention expertise. When a drug or alcohol addict is not ready to get help, they probably won’t listen to you. Our intervention specialists can orchestrate a meeting and guide your loved one to choose rehab before their addiction escalates.

• You may be enabling your loved one’s addiction. We all want to help our family members, but sometimes it’s true that tough love is the best kind. You may need to take drastic steps to avoid enabling addiction.

• You need help, too. Loving an addict is devastating. Addiction support groups, trusted family members, and regular therapy sessions can play a role in your healing process. Coast to Coast specializes in family therapy and recovery options for spouses, relatives, and loved ones influenced by the trauma of addiction.

Addiction Rehab for Spouses and Loved Ones

The effect of your spouse’s or significant other’s chemical dependency reverberates throughout every corner of their life—and yours. Fortunately, the team at Coast to Coast Recovery has personal experience with substance abuse. We have walked the journey of addiction recovery, and we know how to help. To begin our unique treatment-matching protocol or learn more about admission to one of our preferred drug and alcohol rehab facilites, dial (800) 210-8229 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call now.

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