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Drug & Alcohol Interventions

Drug Interventions

When a spouse, child, or someone you love is unwilling to admit their drug addiction or seek professional treatment, it feels like your hands are tied. Drugs have become a way of life, occupying their every thought and behavior. Maybe the most painful reality of all is when they choose drugs over a relationship with you. At Coast to Coast, we’ve been there. Our trained intervention specialists have successfully completed the sobriety journey—and have committed their lives to walking the recovery road with others.

Alcohol Interventions

An alcohol intervention is essentially a structured meeting. An employer or a healthcare professional can initiate it, but it is thought to have most chance of success when it involves those who love the alcoholic, such as close family and friends. The aim of interventions is to confront alcoholics and problem drinkers with how their actions are hurting those around them.

Begin the Recovery Process with Coast to Coast

To learn more about Coast to Coast’s vision, success rates, and research-based preferred rehab programs, call (888) 245-6088. To reach us online, fill out a confidential online form. Our interventionists will be in touch to schedule a consultation and get to know you. Whether you’re beginning recovery for the first time or recommitting to sobriety after struggling with relapse, our free treatment matching protocol helps us place you in the most effective facility for your needs!

Why Choose Coast to Coast Recovery Centers?

Rehab & Addiction Treatment Centers

At Coast to Coast Recovery Centers, you’ll find a different kind of addiction recovery experience. We’re about getting it right the first time, and that motto was born out of watching addicted individuals struggle through multiple treatment programs without achieving sobriety success. We are here to help you or your loved one achieve sobriety.  We provide referrals for dual-diagnosis drug rehab and addiction treatment center in Orange County, CA which specialize in the treatment of a wide range of addictions, ranging from alcoholism, opiate addiction, cocaine addiction and prescription drug abuse.

Schedule a Drug Intervention with Coast to Coast Recovery

It will never feel like “just the right time” to intervene in a family member’s addiction. Unfortunately, your avoidant behavior is enabling them while subjecting you to the pain of manipulation and deceit. Call Coast to Coast today—before it is too late. Intervention is a powerful tool in our addiction treatment arsenal, and our reputable interventionists have an excellent success rate.

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