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Post-Treatment Services

The day you entered addiction treatment, you joined a community of men and women fighting a daily battle to stay clean and sober. You’ll never “get over” your addiction. At Coast to Coast, our trained interventionists and clinicians stand ready to help you win this daily battle through customized aftercare planning and post-treatment services – all at no cost to you.

Coast to Coast Post-Treatment Options

Depending upon your addiction severity, relapse history, and mental health history, your addiction recovery may last weeks, months, or more. As your program comes to an end, Coast to Coast addiction professionals help you take the next step into aftercare and beyond. Stressful lifestyles, co-occurring conditions, and dysfunctional family situations act as relapse triggers, so it’s critical that you develop a detailed plan for life after rehab. Tailored to meet your personal and financial needs, our post-treatment options may include:

• Extended care facilities. When a short-term program has not been effective, clients may need extended long-term care lasting 120 to 180 days or more.
• Sober living communities. It’s not always wise to move home after rehab. Old triggers, family dysfunction, or lack of accountability may hinder your recovery process. Recovery residences teach you how to live a sober life by providing peer support, a sense of community, and ongoing therapy and life skills workshops.
• Outclient support groups. From 12-step groups to group therapy environments, outpatient support can be structured around a client’s work or school schedule.
• Drug monitoring. If you are required by your workplace, family attorney, or the court system to undergo regular drug testing, Coast to Coast can set this up for you. To put parents at ease, we also offer drug monitoring for young adults who have completed their addiction treatment program.

Clients who fail to adequately prepare for post-treatment life are more likely to fail when faced with old triggers and new temptations. Coast to Coast’s preferred providers emphasize aftercare planning from day one of treatment, and our post-treatment program options ease the transition from a rehab facility to home, a sober companion, or an extended care center.

Post-Treatment Planning Begins Now

There’s no easy way to staying sober, but you need to start thinking about it today. Working with Coast to Coast’s experienced team, thousands of clients have built a firm recovery foundation and honed their sobriety skills for the long-term. To get the best possible start to your new, healthy life, call us at (800) 210-8229 today.

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