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Help for a Mental Health Disorder

When you are suffering from a mental health disorder, hopelessness becomes a way of life. Fearful of entering a cold, sterile hospital environment, you may struggle silently for months or years rather than reaching out to a professional. At Coast to Coast treatment centers, we welcome clients facing dual diagnosis and mental health conditions with open arms: providing a warm, nurturing environment that feels like home.

Coast to Coast’s network of credentialed facilities are licensed to treat co-occurring mental health disorders. If you are dealing with depression, bi-polar disorder, eating disorders, mood disorders, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder, we have a program for you. And, if addiction is part of the mix, we provide the medical and therapeutic expertise to manage your dual diagnosis—no matter what the severity. Whether drug and alcohol abuse led to your mental health condition or you began self-medicating to escape the pain of a mood disorder, sobriety success is greatest when co-occurring conditions are dealt with together.

If the symptoms below sound familiar, it’s time to call us: our interventionists. Experienced at diagnosing the symptoms of drug and alcohol addiction, mood disorders, and other mental health conditions, we use a proven treatment-matching protocol to place you in a facility that is equipped to manage your unique needs.

Signs of a Mental Health Condition

• Brain fog & problems with concentration, memory & logical thought
• Dramatic appetite & sleep changes
• Feelings of being “disconnected” from reality
• Apathy toward daily activities, employment, or family participation
• Social withdrawal or severe social anxiety
• Compulsive behaviors that worsen over time
• Mood swings
• Aggression & angry outbursts

Mental Health Disorder Treatment and Rehab for Depression

One in five Americans will experience a mental health condition during any given year. Having a mental health disorder does not make you an outcast. At Coast to Coast Recovery Centers, it is our goal to erase the stigma surrounding mental illness and teach clients and their families to manage their condition—and their addiction—in proactive, constructive ways. To discuss your options for mental health disorder treatment call (800) 210-8229 or submit a confidential online inquiry. It is a privilege to walk with you throughout your treatment experience.

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