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Our Clients

Coast to Coast clients come from all backgrounds, ages, and walks of life. Some desire private, luxury facilities while others seek a wilderness retreat or a community of confidantes. We serve those who are new to addiction recovery, and those who have been trying for years to get clean. Whatever your story, Coast to Coast welcomes you to our network of preferred facilities. Here, you’ll find acceptance, freedom, and redemption as you share your story and begin the healing process.

Addiction Help In California & Nation-Wide

As a first step, you’ll speak with our caring interventionists. We have helped hundreds of men, women, and young adults rebuild their lives after drug and alcohol addiction. After getting to know you, Coast to Coast develops a personalized program at the treatment center that’s a perfect fit for your lifestyle, beliefs, and values.

We utilize a treatment matching protocol to give you the best chance of success. That means that your facility and treatment plan are carefully selected based upon your substance abuse history, mental health history, personality, family experience, and financial situation. This unique way of matching clients with preferred treatment facilities helps us get it right the first time so you can avoid paying for multiple treatment centers during your sobriety journey. Coast to Coast’s custom rehabilitation experience increases your chances for achieving and maintaining recovery—for the long haul.

The disease of addiction infiltrates families and communities in often-unspeakable ways. At Coast to Coast, we work with addicts, those struggling from mental health disorders, parents and family members, friends and loved ones to encourage healing, provide support, and develop healthy boundaries and communication patterns. As addicted individuals break the cycle of substance abuse, families and communities are restored. We have seen this happen with hundreds of clients, and it can happen for you, too.

Don’t wait until tomorrow. Call Coast to Coast at (800) 210-8229 to speak with a team member 24 hours a day. We’re in your corner, helping you achieve freedom from the chains of addiction.

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