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Guidance for Parents of Addicts

Even when parents have their child’s best in mind, they may unintentionally enable their addiction or create an unhealthy codependency that complicates the addiction treatment process. At Coast to Coast, our team of clinicians provides free parental training that teaches parents to interact with and support their child during addiction recovery. Depending upon the individual situation, parents may need guidance about:

  • What to expect from rehab
  • Differentiating between helpful & enabling behaviors
  • Giving children appropriate distance during treatment
  • Creating healthy boundaries
  • Using open communication
  • Recognizing manipulative behaviors
  • Learning to trust their child again
  • Forgiving themselves & their child

Free Services for Parents of Addicted Children

Depending upon your child’s unique situation and your personal preferences, Coast to Coast offers one-on-one and group sessions for parents. When your child is admitted to an intensive outpatient, residential, or sober living program, you will be assigned a trained clinician to walk with you through rehab—from detox to aftercare. This go-to person is available to answer questions about the addiction treatment process, help you define your role in that process, and support your personal healing.

As a parent, it’s important to remember that you cannot control your child’s choices or reactions. Instead, you’ll learn to focus on controlling your reactions and behaviors and developing coping skills appropriate for each phase of addiction recovery.

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While addiction treatment is focused on your child, parents also feel a myriad of emotions during this time—from anger and resentment to grief and depression. At Coast to Coast, our trained clinicians and intervention specialists care for you throughout the rehab process: meeting with you individually, recommending outside professionals, and helping you locate support networks in your area. To learn more about how we support our clients’ parents, spouses, and loved ones, call (800) 210-8229. It is our true privilege to serve you during this traumatic life season.

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