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The Process

Let’s get it right the first time.

Many clients and families are concerned about navigating the admissions, insurance, assessment, and detox processes when seeking help for addiction. They don’t know what to expect during rehab, how to pay for it, what to do after treatment – the list goes on. The unknown may seem even scarier than the consequences of remaining addicted. At Coast to Coast Recovery, we demystify the admissions and early recovery processes, ensuring that clients feel welcome, safe, and understood—and families feel at ease with their loved one’s treatment program by making our process simple.

The First Step

The first step is calling us. We believe that a two minute conversation can literally change your life. We have personally walked the road to addiction recovery, and know what you are going through and where to start.
After we talk, we help decide whether you need an intervention or not and which one of our programs are a best fit for you. This is determined by your unique needs, age, relapse history and substance abuse and mental health history.

From here we determine your insurance benefits within a few hours (if applicable), present you with treatment options, help you decide on those options and then get you admitted without wait or burdensome administrative red tape.

Consider us your tour guides – and let us get you the help you need today.

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