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Prescription Opioids

What are prescription opioids? | What are common prescription opioids? | How do people misuse prescription opioids? | How do prescription opioids affect the brain? | What are some possible effects of prescription opioids on the brain and body? | What are the other health effects of opioid medications? | Can I take prescription opioids if I’m […]

Prescription Stimulants

What are prescription stimulants? | What are common prescription stimulants? | How do people use and misuse prescription stimulants? | How do prescription stimulants affect the brain and body? | What are the other health effects of prescription stimulants? | Can a person overdose on prescription stimulants? | How can a prescription stimulant overdose be treated? | […]

Prescription Drug Abuse – Is the Medical Community Overprescribing, Creating Unsuspecting Addicts?

Prescription Drug Abuse a Major Factor in the Opioid Epidemic

Prescription drug abuse is a major contributor to the current opioid epidemic therefore it is imperative to understand the nature of the drug industry. If we are going to stop increasing rates of addiction, and overdose deaths due to opioids it is necessary for the public to consider the drug industry’s role […]

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